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Megatypers Invitation Code 2020 | Guidelines | FAQ

Megatypers Invitation Code: ELER (100% Active) Megatypers is a best data entry (captcha) website from where you can earn money by just captcha typing words you see on your screen. You can unlimited earn $(100-500)/ month from this website. They payment transfer on Monday. You can easily transfer. At least minimum payout is $3, pays via PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Western Union.

How it possible earn $(100-300)/ month to this site. It will depend on your at least 2 skills and your net speed. These below:

1. fast typing (wpm 30+)
2. fast net speed ( minimum 512 kbs+)
3. type correct captcha ( 9 out of 10)

If you often type incorrect captcha your account will be suspended.

Megatypers Account Create and All Guidelines with Important FAQ

Work Requirements And Skills:

* You should need an own computer (desktop/laptop)
* Internet speed should be 512 kbps+
* Typing speed needs minimum 30 WPM+  and types all A to Z letters without seeing keyboard.

How To Free Account Create On Megatypers:

Step by Step :

* At first go to the website (
* Click on the "Free Signup!" button.
megat-ypers sign up
* Fill up form your personal information.
megat-ypers sign up form
* invitation code "ELER"
* Click on "REGISTER"
* Then mega-typers send a link your email account ”At the moment”
* Check your email and click on the verification link.
mega-typers email verification
* Now your account is active.
* Click on the "Start Working" button and typing captca then earning.
mega-typers start working and earning

Top 10 Megatypers Invitation Code

1. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020- ELEK
2. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020- ELEL
3. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELEM
4. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELEN
5. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELEO
6. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELEP
7. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELEQ
8. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELER
9. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELES
10. Megatypers Invitation Code 2020ELET

All guidelines for typing:

* Minimum 90% success of 100%. If you type 10 captcha, 9 captcha must be correct. Otherwise your account will be suspended.

* Type all image/picture in small letters.
mega-typers all small letter typing
* Don’t type special characters example: +,*-/^@$#& etc.
don't type special characters
* You can use keyboard “ESC” button if the picture completely unreadable or you did not understand it.
unreadable captcha
* Don’t “ESC” button too many times. If you do it at first your account may temporarily ban and again you use the “ESC” button many times your account will be permanently suspended without any messages. So, it’s very important.

* If you see two words, but 1 cleared word and 1 uncleared word. You only type the cleared word.
cleared and uncleared captcha
* If you see 2 readable captchas you must be typing 2 captcha.
2 readble captcha

Important FAQ:

Q: What is
A: is a workforce management company that service institutions requiring data entry (captcha) services. It is the easiest and fastest way to work online. It is a trusted data entry site.

Q: How to sign-up in mega-typers?
A: Simple, just visit this link, fill up the registration form and enter the Invitation Code: ELEK

Q: Requirements?
A: Human with great typing speed and CAPTCHA recognition.
High speed internet/ wi-fi connection.
Internet browser of the latest version
Microsoft .NET configuration 3.5 (for the mega software to work)
Payment/Transaction processors: PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Western Union.

A: PayPal (Low Risk: $3.00 at least/ minimum cash-out)
Payza (Low Risk: $3.00 at least/ minimum cash-out)
BTC or Bitcoin - (Low Risk: $1.50 at least/ minimum cash-out)
WebMoney: (Low Risk: $3:00 at least/ minimum cash-out)
Perfect Money  (Low Risk: $3.00 at least/ minimum cash-out)
Western Union (High Risk: $100 at least/ minimum cash-out)

Q: How many hours to reach the minimum $3?
A: It depends upon the rate, your typing speed, and net speed. They pay $0.40-0.80 per 1000 images solved. So, you have should see their server time when they rate more.

Q. Can I use more than 1 accounts?
A. Yes by using their software you can use and work on more than one account at the same time.

Q: Can I use my house-network for two or more computers?
A: Yes. It is no problem. You and your family can have typing captcha using multiple computers at the same time, while connected in just 1 network.

Q: What is the best work ( server time) of mega-typers?
A: Mega-typers server time is (GMT- 5)

mega-typers server time
Q: Can I register multiple Megartypers accounts with using only one PayPal account?
A: Yes. You can register multiple accounts. But do not use the same login information (your name and email address) to register in mega-typers. To add email address in PayPal account. Log in to your PayPal account and go to your profile, Click add/edit email. Add your email addresses and confirmed them to be able to receive your payments in your different PayPal emails. Eight email addresses is the maximum to use in one PayPal account. You just have to decide which one is your main email for PayPal.

Q: How to add emails address to my existing PayPal account?
A: You can have up to eight (8) email address in your one PayPal account. This will not create any problem on your account as long as you are not violating PayPal's T.O.S. To start adding email(s), sign in to your account. Hover to your cursor above “Profile/My account” and click on “New/Add/Edit Email”.

Q: Pictures are not loading up quick enough?
A: If the timer is running and images are not loading quickly enough, then you might have a problem with your internet (wi-fi/mobile) connection. Make sure that you are not downloading anything and that anybody else is using the internet while you are working. If the images are still not loading up in time, you must upgrade to a very faster internet connection. Press your keyboard “Esc Key” button as a shortcut for the "DON'T KNOW" button.

Q: I have been banned because of many "Kick-outs". Why?
A: Kick out Ban caused by:
Incorrect captcha typing.
Not working fast typing.
Slow internet (wi-fi/mobile) connection.
Old version software or hardware.

Q: Pictures are not showing up quickly enough. The timer start and the image show a few seconds to appear! Why is it?

A: It seems that there’s a connectivity problem between your net connection and their server. Please try to work using a different net connection. You must upgrade your net (wi-fi/ mobile) connection or change internet providers if you want pictures to show up very faster.